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More Scenes from the "Golden Age" of Science Fiction

Above: Author E.E. "Doc" Smith (1890-1965) signing at 1950 WorldCon (photo owned by Howard Devore, shot by Martin Alger, and here's a web site devoted to Doc)
Above: Authors Leigh Brackett (left, co-writer of film Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back) and husband Edmond Hamilton at 1954 WorldCon (photo from Margaret Ford Kiefer)
Above: Author Robert Heinlein among some fans at the 1962 Worldcon. I was never a huge Heinlein fan, but I do like some of his books quite a bit, especially A Door Into Summer. I may be a bit biased against him because in his later years he was, as Isaac Asimov put it, a "rock-ribbed conservative." (photo by Bruce Pelz)
Above: John and Joni Stopa (both blue) with Earl Kemp (maybe) at the 1964 Worldcon (photo by Ben Jason)