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Part 7 on Arthur C. Clarke - Awards & Honors:

Awards and Honors:
British Interplanetary Society: 
    Honorary Fellow
World Academy of Art & Science: 
American Astronautical Association: 
    Honorary Fellow
International Fantasy Award (1952)
Hugo Award (World Science Fiction 
   Convention) (1956)
International Academy of Astronautics:
    Honorary Fellow (1960)
United Nations Educational, Scientific, & 
    Cultural Organization: Kalinga Prize
    (for science writing, 1961)
Franklin Institute: Stuart Ballantine 
    Gold Medal (1963)
Aviation Space-Writers Association: 
    Robert Ball Award (1965)
American Association for the 
    Advancement of Science: 
    Westinghouse Science Writing Prize 
OSCAR nomination for 2001 
screenplay (with Stanley Kubrick, 
Franklin Institute: Fellow (1971)
Beaver College, Pennsylvania: 
    Honorary Doctorate of Science 
Playboy Editorial Award (1971)
Nebula Award (Science Fiction Writers 
    of America) (1973)
Nebula Award (1974, for Rendezvous 
    with Rama
American Institute of Aeronautics and 
    Astronautics: Aerospace 
    Communications Award (1974)
John W. Campbell Award (1974, for 
    Rendezvous with Ram
Hugo Award (1974, for Rendezvous 
    with Rama)

American Institute of Aeronautics and
    Astronautics: Honorary Fellow 
Boston Museum of Science: Bradford 
    Washburn Award (1977)
King's College, London: Fellow (1977)
University of Moratuwa (Sri Lanka): 
    Honorary Doctorate of Science 
Nebula Award (1979, for The Fountains
    of Paradise
Galaxy Award (1979)
Hugo Award (1980, for Fountains 
    of Paradi
Academy of Television Arts & 
    Sciences: Engineering Award 
Institute of Robotics, Carnegie-
    Mellon University: Fellow (1981)
Marconi International Fellowship 
Playboy Editorial Award (1982)
Institute of Engineers, Sri Lanka:
    Honorary Fellow (1983)
AAS: E.M. Emme Astronautical 
    Literature Award (1984)
Institute of Electrical Engineers: 
    Centennial Medal (1984)
Science Fiction Writers of America:
    Grand Master (1986)
National Academy of Engineering 
    (USA): Foreign Associate (1986)
Vidya Jyothi Medal (Presidential 
    Science Award, Sri Lanka) (1986)
Charles A. Lindbergh Award (1987)
Third World Academy of Sciences:
    Associate Fellow (1987)
Society of Satellite Professionals:
    Hall of Fame (1987)
University of Bath (England):
    Doctorate in Literature (1988)
International Aerospace Hall of 
    Fame: Fellow (San Diego, CA, 
International Space Hall of Fame:
    Fellow (Alamagordo, NM, 1989)
Space Explorers Association: Special
    Achievement Award (Riyadh, 
United Nations Association of Sri 
    Lanka: Honorary Life President 
Ceylon College of Physicians: 
    Honorary Fellow (1991)
International Science Policy 
    Foundation Medal (1992)
Lord Perry Award (1992)
Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 
Selected for major section on the 
    Testerman Sci-Fi Site (2001 )